Shoes for Africa – December 2015

Those who stay in Heidelberg and do some shopping at the Heidelberg Mall are aware of the drive to collect shoes. The shoes can be second hand or new. They can be any size and for any occasion. The boxes in the Mall gradually got full and the management of the Heidelberg Mall approached us and asked if we could “do anything with the shoes”. Of course we could. We hand out between 90-130 food parcels every Wednesday morning to the people in our caring program and many of them have no or only one pair of shoes.

The date was set and the Marketing Department from the Heidelberg Mall met us on site. It was decided that the shoes would be given out at a later stage not to cause any preferences or panic amongst the folk. This was done with joy and many smiling faces. Those who could not get to our site were also cared for and our care workers took shoes to them at home.

If you want to be part of this very important ministry in any way whatsoever please do not hesitate to contact us on 016 341 3338 or visit us at 46 Smit Street, Heidelberg.


Ray Goddess