Indawo Yosizo and Global Fund join Lesedi in Women’s Day Campaign

When an official invitation was received by Indawo Yosizo, the outreach of the Heidelberg Methodist Church we were overjoyed.  Together with Global Fund the Indawo Yosizo Care workers were trained in HIV/Aids counselling and testing.  These 3 ladies head up the Indawo Yosizo Home based care and Orphans and Vulnerable children department through the support of Global Fund.

This event took place on the 19 August in Ratanda, the focus was on women in the community of Heidelberg.  The Orphans and Vulnerable children on our programme were brought in for testing because these women who were entertained for the day are the very ones who are single parents, some already unable to work and all have families to support.  The children need to become our priority when it comes to HIV/Aids counselling and testing, their future depends on their parents knowing their children’s status.  By the parents allowing their children to be tested and if they are HIV + the children will be able to go onto treatment much sooner, and there will be less fatalities in the younger population. Once the children were tested they were given snacks provided by the Global Fund.

Yoliswa Siwa (heads up the Global Fund at MCSA – and the wife of our Presiding President – lady with pink jacket) accompanied the care workers to Ratanda, she was very impressed with the quality of the services that Indawo Yosizo offers to the community.  During this event the community was able to have their blood pressure tested, their glucose levels as well as HIV/Aids testing. It was nice to see the big turn out and see the long queues of women wanting to be tested.

The Mayoress of Heidelberg, Honourable Lerato Maleka also was present at this event, she came over to Indawo Yosizo’s table and we had the honour of testing her BP and Glucose levels, (lady in white T-shirt).

Indawo Yosizo is proud to be a partner of Global Fund, our thanks go out to MCSA for including Indawo Yosizo into this programme, the community of Heidelberg can only benefit from it.