HIV/AIDS Infected

Our success in helping the AIDS infected/affected has been very encouraging but the lack of resources is limiting our efforts.

Many people suffering from the HIV/Aids pandemic are too ill or weak to work. Many of them are just lying in their houses, waiting to die. Our aim is to give them and their families basic Home Care support through the help of the Home Based Care Workers (HBCW). Food and clinical services could be supplied with proper funding. With financial help these people would then be able to die with dignity, instead of being forgotten and thrown away.

The HIV/Aids pandemic has hit the Lesedi municipal area just as hard as in any other part of South Africa. Unfortunately there are very few NGOs operational in the Lesedi municipal area. Many people who are HIV/Aids positive need home based care. At Indawo Yosizo we have Home Based Care Workers (HBCW) who visit the homes in the townships. With 24 HBCGs at ten households per Care Worker and an average of five people per household, we are looking at a potential of 1250 people that would need care at some stage. From this figure approximately 25 – 30% (± 375 people) will be adults. The balance are already Orphan & Vulnerable Children (OVC), or about to become OVC.

Many people infected by the HIV/Aids virus are too weak to fend for themselves and to visit clinics. These people are dependent on NGOs for support regarding food, clinic visits, etc. A breakdown of costs per adult is shown in the table.



Cost per month (ZAR)

Care Giver cost
Personal Hygiene


R 291


Due to the fact that most people infected by HIV/Aids are too weak to work and/or to walk long distances, transport is needed to take these people to visit clinics. We have a combi but the petrol (gas) and maintenance costs are high. The combi is branded with the logo(s) of the company(ies), and the logo of Indawo Yosizo, that contribute to the funding of such the vehicle. There is still advertising space available on the vehicle. This will enable visible advertising of the donor’s business.

During the basic Home Care support by the CHBC Workers, children are identified who are about to become orphans when their parent/s die of HIV/Aids. The parents can be assured that their children would be cared for. The children will then be enrolled in the OVC program.

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