Our Mandate

Food Gardens at IndawoVision

Our vision, (in our obedience to our calling by Jesus Christ) is to be a catalyst in the community of Heidelberg by supplying support to the abused, addicted and HIV/AIDS infected/affected, and also to empower people to fend for themselves thereby helping to create employment.



By incorporating and making use of the people in Heidelberg no matter what race, religion, culture or gender, to be of service to the community at all times thereby creating a “Centre of Help” and refuge for the struggling and underprivileged people of our community and by networking with other organisations to achieve the same goal.



At “Come to the Centre of Help t/a Indawo Yosizo” we pursue the following main goals within the context of social development and the advancement of the quality of life of the wider community being served by us:

  • Home Care Centre
  • Rape Crisis Centre (When funds permit)
  • Place of safety for abused women & children
  • Centre to help the addicted and
  • General Care / Feeding Centre


The secondary objectives will be to work in collaboration with other organizations that mainly deal with:

  • Health
  • HIV/Aids Care
  • Education ECD – Early Childhood Development
  • Education


We try to reach the objectives above by the following:

  • To deliver social work services of quality
  • To deliver primary and secondary services and provide support from service centres, including home care services
  • To develop service structures in communities where required
  • To develop appropriate capacity building opportunities for developing care organizations, volunteers, staff and older persons and their families
  • To form strategic partnerships for sustained and coordinated service delivery
  • To promote a positive public image of Indawo Yosizo
  • To maintain an exceptional team
  • To develop and manage income generating programs