Home Based Caregivers Help Rebuild…

3Assistance rebuilding a house that burnt down.


About six of our Home based caregivers took it upon themselves out of working hours to help a family rebuild and restore their house after a fire broke out and destroyed the whole house.  These ladies cleaned the inside of the house and assisted with painting; once the inside was done they proceeded to clean up outside and remove the rubble. The family lost everything in the fire, members of the community managed to furnish the house with the bare necessities, Indawo Yosizo was able to provide the family with clothing and blankets, as well as food parcels.  This provision we give is only able to be provided due to all the generous donations and blessings we receive from you the community in and around Heidelberg.



Thank you to the HBC for assisting this family; it’s such a blessing to know that you cared for the community in your “private time”.