Financial Needs – Orphan & Vulnerable Children

In October 2009 we had approximately 50 children on our program. We intensified our focus on the Orphan & Vulnerable Children (OVC) and in November 2009 we had > 250 OVC on the program. Indawo Yosizo went and visit one of 5 primary schools in Ratanda to help the Orphan & Vulnerable Children. We got the names of approximately 120 children, never taking in consideration the siblings in the families. Suddenly the 50 children grew to ±280 over night.

At Indawo Yosizo we aim to give Home Based Care and support to approximately 560 children by the end of 2010

We could not just abandon these children. We are doing whatever we can to help these children. The only current restriction is finance. Some of the children look 2 years younger than they really are because of malnutrition. WE NEED YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT FOR THESE CHILDREN. For the specific breakdown of the costs per child, go to Community Projects – HIV/AIDS Affected Orphan & Vulnerable Children (OVC program) page. The table below gives an indication what our monthly needs are.


# Orphan & Vulnerable Children
Cost/child (ZAR)
R 140,000
R 1,680,000


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