Financial Needs – Mini Bus (15 seater)

Indawo KombiDue to the fact that most people infected by HIV/Aids are too weak to work and/or to walk long distances, transport is needed to take these people to visit clinics. Indawo Yosizo need a 15 seater mini bus to transport the ill people. The Orphan & Vulnerable Children (OVC) will also be transported to the clinics and back to administer basic health care.

The mini bus will be branded with the logo(s) of the company(ies) that contribute to the funding of such a vehicle, and the logo of Indawo Yosizo. This will enable visible advertising of the donor’s business. The mini bus could like this:


The price (as on 15 March 2010) and estimated monthly running cost of a mini bus is shown in the following table:

Toyota Quantum 15 seater mini bus
(Branded with sponsor logos)
R 272,400 – VAT* inclusive

*VAT = 14% Value Added Tax

Fuel (Liters)
Distance (km)/month
±12 l/100km @ R 8.00/l


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