Financial Needs – Freight Containers Converted to Offices

INDAWO YOSIZO operate in two different townships outside Heidelberg; Ratanda and Section 23. These townships are approximately 8 and 4 kilometers respectively from the main centre in town. However, Ratanda is quite big and it would be advisable to put a second “container” office in the further part of Ratanda. It would make more sense to have frequent meetings in the townships where the Care Givers are working. Over the long term it would save money because now only one vehicle with 4 occupants needs to travel to the townships in stead of all the Care Givers traveling to town by mini bus taxi which is much more expensive.

These offices are equipped with a couple of windows, a door and basic electrical points. Upon delivery, the containers are connected to an electricity source from the surrounding network and it is almost ready to be operational.

When these offices are connected and fully fitted with office furniture, computer, etc. the Care Givers will have a central place in each township to work from. A further requirement is a palisade type steel fence around each “office” container. We need to be realistic, but working in poor, under privileged areas has its own share of crime and computer equipment is a nice target for thieves.


The price (as on 5 March 2010) of converted freight containers is shown in the following table:

COST (ZAR) – VAT* incl
Converted Shipping/Freight container
R 98,667
Palisade fence around container
3 x 42m
R 44,100
R 142,767

*VAT = 14% Value Added Tax


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Office furniture

Each office need to be equipped with a desk, computer stand and chairs.


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