Clothing Donations

IMG-20140224-WA000This shelter has been operating for some years thanks to the unconditional support of individuals or companies that are aware of the poverty that exists in our country and in which those that are most affected are the small children who need education and basic nutrition to grow and develop.


A charity drive was organized to help the poor and needy with whatever we can. However, without your help it will not be possible to make it a success. Therefore, in order to make this charity drive a success I would request all of you to join me in collecting old and unused items like clothes, shoes, books etc.


I am confident that you will come forward and give a boost to the cause with your participation. I am sure your sense of responsibility towards the society will set an example for other like minded to support such a drive.

Thank you so much for our Vereeniging “like minded people” for their constant support in the donations of clothing.  How awesome it was to go and collect these items, a whole kombi load full.  These clothes were collected and un packed in our “shop”, and distributed to those most in need, seeing the shelves full and then seeing the once again empty shelves after the clothing has been handed out bring a certain heart-warming sensation, knowing that those in need are able to dress with dignity and at least have no holes in their items of clothing.

Please feel free to contact us using the information from our contact page.


Looking forward for your all contributions for such a great cause.