Bafana’s Jacket – April 2014

JacketThree weeks ago one of our counsellors came into our 2nd hand shop and bought a black suit jacket, when he tried it on it fitted like a glove and he was thrilled, you see he was going to be preaching at his church for the Easter services, this jacket was the “ONE” that would make him smart enough to stand in front of the congregation and preach about Jesus.

This jacket however was so moth eaten and full of holes, nevertheless he was proud of himself.

We saw the sparkle in his eyes and decided to do something about this jacket for him.  Cherry and her team started planning, scratching through the boxes of fabric that have been donated.  Cherry found enough material to make a brand new jacket for Bafana.  He had measurements taken and smiling from ear to ear as he was now going to have his very own tailor made jacket.  Cherry and Jane started cutting, sewing and fitting so that the jacket would be finished in time for the Easter weekend.  Well as you may know miracles do happen, and the jacket was finished in time and fitted Bafana like a glove.  Bafana received his jacket late Thursday afternoon.


Thanks to all the donations we receive and the dedication of Cherry and Jane, the Easter services went off smoothly.