About Us

Staff at a house in RatandaWHO WE ARE

The vision of Indawo Yosizo is to be a catalyst in the community of the greater Heidelberg. A Section 21 Company (Reg. No. 2007 / 004318 / 08) was registered in the name of “Come to the Centre of Help” and it is operating under the name “Indawo Yosizo”, Zulu for Centre of Help. Due to subsequent changes in legislation the Section 21 Company has fallen away and is now known as a NON PROFIT COMPANY (NPC). The organization is now registered as a Non Profit Organization (NPO 074 – 456) as well as a Public Benefit Organization (PBO 930 031 496) allowing full tax exemption under Article 18A of SARS legislation.

We care for the poorest sectors in the Lesedi (Heidelberg, Ratanda & Section 23) municipal area – we do the greatest good for the greatest possible number of people, with no thought of who deserves help, but only who needs help.



Indawo Yosizo is located in a small town named Heidelberg, approximately 50 km south east from Johannesburg on the national road (the N3) to Durban. We operate from premises in Heidelberg located at 46 Smit Street. We presently have 1 On Site Manager, 1 Care Worker Manager, 4 Global Fund Care Workers, 1 Volunteer Social Worker, 1 Sewing Lady, 1 Office helper and cleaner, 1 Caretaker.

We urgently need satellite offices in Ratanda and Section 23. Our aim is to have satellite offices in all the disadvantages communities – and with sufficient funding this can be done.



The core function of this organization is to render social work services to the community of the greater Heidelberg.

The Non-Executive Manager is Bernard Kelfkens. The on-site manger is Cherry Ross. Social workers will use all three methods in social work, namely casework, group work and community development.

At our centre in Heidelberg, we have two appointed ladies. One lady Cherry Ross focuses on various sewing projects and an accounting service to small businesses. This entails food parcels for families and people from the street (tramps). The second lady Lettie Simelanie manages and oversees the care workers and is in charge of the feeding program. We have a few volunteers who help and support with other projects, mainly our empowerment projects.

Community based social work programs and home-based care is expensive and time-consuming services, but in the final analysis they make the world of difference between hope and despair, life or death.

As at September 2015 with only 5 care workers we are caring for over 511 children and over 408 adults suffering from HIV/AIDS or other ailments.



In order to save money and time and to avoid duplication of services we aim to work in close corporation with:

  1. The Department of Welfare and Child Welfare.
  2. The many local NGOs in the area, largest being SAVF, CMR and SANCA.
  3. Various church groups and other similar organizations.